Creativity Blocked?

Oftentimes when writers find themselves at a point where they can’t find something to write about. When asked about what to do when they are blocked they usually hear things like, “Creativity comes from a place of calm.”, “Creativity flows only when you’re stress-free.”, or “Health affects creativity and creativity affects health.”. These sayings at […]


T​ransitions are periods or processes of changing from one state or condition to another. People go through many transitions in their lifetime. People transition from being babies to toddlers to kids, kids to teens, and teens to adults. It’s during times of transition, most people say they are being tested. Times of transition are the […]

The Holiday Spirit

 What is the “holiday spirit”? If you ask a group of young kids, they may say it’s all about getting presents. If you ask teenagers, they may say it’s no school and hanging out with their friends. Some may say it’s about having fun or getting the latest tech. Adults may tell you that it’s […]


I​t can be a daunting venture to get one’s disability diagnosis. Many common health issues alone won’t make you eligible, but if you have enough common issues mixed with some more serious ones, you could qualify. For instance, having high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis alone don’t qualify for disability because they are considered “part […]

A New Battle

T​hose who know me, know that I have been struggling with health issues for over a year now. These health issues have cost me y career in home care and my finances. My family has been living off my meager savings since July 2021. Those savings are gone now. I don’t tell you this to […]

Polyclonal Gammopathy

Polyclonal gammopathy is your body’s strong overproduction of antibodies to defend itself from an unknown cause. It is often associated with infections, cancer, or chronic diseases. Diseases of the liver and collagen commonly lead to polyclonal gammopathy. Other diseases or infections which arise from polyclonal gammopathy include scleroderma, primary biliary cirrhosis, polymyositis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic […]

My Wellness Journey

I have been on my current weight loss journey for 52 days now. I decided to work trying to lose weight because of new health issues that emerged from being overweight. I was recently diagnosed with arthritis and am undergoing testing for autoimmune disease. I have struggled with being overweight most of my life. I […]

Sleep Disturbances

Sleep disturbances are a common and frustrating issue faced by many people. Oftentimes, the exact cause goes unnoticed for years. It has been said that sleep disturbances may stem from physical, mental, or spiritual problems. This is certainly a nice theory to consider when trying to figure out the problem. It allows us to evaluate […]

My Weight Loss Journey

I have always battled with my weight. At my highest weight, I was 400 pounds. I had used a combination of taking my Plexus supplements, MyFitnessPal tracking, and actively working as a home health aide. By doing so I had gotten under 200 pounds. Since then I have lost my position causing me to not […]

The Importance of Healthy Living

Often you may hear a doctor say, “You need to eat a healthy diet and exercise .”, but what do they mean by a healthy diet? How do diet and exercise affect our health? There is so much information out there that one could get lost trying to find the answers. From an early age, […]