My COVID Experience

On April 18, 2023, I was diagnosed with COVID with no complications at a nearby clinic after being seen for a fever of 101.3 degrees. I never figured I would get COVID, as I take every precaution possible being immunocompromised and having other health issues. Yesterday after getting back from the clinic I slept off and on. I am in quarantine as of this afternoon. Once I beat this, I plan on taking extra precautions to prevent reinfection.

Day 2 of Quarantine: I am in my first full day of quarantine in my childhood room, even though I was diagnosed yesterday around noon. I have a cough with a rattling sound, low-grade fever, congestion, sore throat, headache, and no energy. I was prescribed medications to help with symptoms and am starting those today. Quarantine has been incredibly lonely, the only time I get to interact with the family is at mealtime. Otherwise, I’m isolated in the bedroom reading, writing, sleeping, or watching movies on YouTube. I miss spending time with everyone. Day 1 of quarantine ended with me feeling like I had the common cold or flu.

Day 3 of Quarantine: I have taken my morning doses of medicine but feel worse than yesterday. The meds change the taste of everything and I’m so exhausted. My temperature seems more normal today. I will probably sleep most of today due to the medications. I am eating despite the meds making everything taste odd. Thankfully my folks and sister have stepped up to take care of the kids. They are a big help.

D​ay 4 of Quarantine: My fever is gone, but I still have a cough, congestion, and exhaustion. The congestion is trying to break up more with each coughing spell. I can still hear the rattling every time I cough. Unfortunately, each coughing spell hurts my sides terribly. If it weren’t for my clock and the window I wouldn’t know what day/night it is. Even with all the reading and writing materials, Youtube playlists, and computer games, I find myself bored and lonely. however, I am doing what I can to prevent exposure to the rest of my family. I may be immunocompromised but my body is fighting this infection and will win. I feel my strength returning but it will take time to get back to 100 percent. I will beat this.

T​oday, my dad and kids went to our apartment to pick up some things forgotten on the last trip. Tomorrow is my last day in quarantine unless my symptoms get worse. I am looking forward to being able to go outside and sit in the sun, being around the family without worrying about getting them sick, and just getting back to normal. I may even take a full bath tomorrow instead of a quick washup.

D​ay 5 of Quarantine: Today is my last day in quarantine……Yay! I look forward to being able to hug my kids tomorrow and feeling the sun on my face. I spoke with my doctor’s office yesterday and they informed me that I can return to normal activities after today. I only have to finish any medications I am on and only go to the ER if my symptoms worsen. Unfortunately, the symptoms can last up to two weeks after initial treatment. My fever has been gone for most of my quarantine. My strength is returning quickly. The congestion and cough persist and could last up to two weeks according to the nurse. I am feeling quite glad that this was not as bad as it could have been. I owe a lot of that to the fact that I received the vaccinations, early diagnosis and treatment, and my faith.

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