Creativity Blocked?

Oftentimes when writers find themselves at a point where they can’t find something to write about. When asked about what to do when they are blocked they usually hear things like, “Creativity comes from a place of calm.”, “Creativity flows only when you’re stress-free.”, or “Health affects creativity and creativity affects health.”. These sayings at first glance don’t seem all that helpful, but if you ponder them further you can see wisdom hidden beneath the surface.

“Creativity comes from a place of calm.”. If your mind is busy jumping from what you’re supposed to be working on to your to-do list, or the housework to planning meals means that your mind is too distracted and can’t focus on working. If you can’t focus you become frustrated and overwhelmed and aren’t calm and can’t be creative.

“Creativity flows only when you’re stress-free.”. This is partially true. One can never be completely stress-free because stress is a regular part of life. However, if you can minimize the tres and distractions of life you are better able to calm your mind and focus better. Like the previous saying, creativity has to come from a place of calm and focus.

“Health affects creativity and creativity affects health.”. Simply put….If you don’t feel well for any reason whether it be illness, stress, depression, etc. you are not going to want to create because you’re too focused on what is wrong. If you can resolve the issue of what is wrong healthwise then your body and mind will be freer to create.

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