T​ransitions are periods or processes of changing from one state or condition to another. People go through many transitions in their lifetime. People transition from being babies to toddlers to kids, kids to teens, and teens to adults. It’s during times of transition, most people say they are being tested. Times of transition are the times when you have to make some difficult decisions of whether to change for better, for worse, or stay as you are. Often these decisions are uncomfortable and require a lot of consideration.

A​s a person is going through a transitional phase, one wonders how to know which decision is the right one. They may seek advice from friends and family, research their options, make pro and con lists, or do any number of things to help them decide which path to choose. The only way to truly know that you will successfully transition through difficult times is to have faith in yourself and your capabilities and choose your path by following your heart.

B​y following one’s heart, one can listen to what inspires them and ignites passion in them. If the decision is right for them and they have the determination and perseverance they will be successful. After listening to their heart and finding what ignites their passion, one must do everything one can to make that passion a reality and make it successful.

Sometimes, people know their passion early on and chase it their whole life, other times people discover their passion during difficult times and have to chase it harder to make it happen. Personally, I have known since I was a child that I wanted to be an author unfortunately I put that passion behind other things that happened in my life. It wasn’t until my joy and health started going downhill that I decided to try to chase that passion. Now I am chasing that passion with all my strength. It is NEVER too late to chase your passion.

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