The Holiday Spirit

 What is the “holiday spirit”? If you ask a group of young kids, they may say it’s all about getting presents. If you ask teenagers, they may say it’s no school and hanging out with their friends. Some may say it’s about having fun or getting the latest tech. Adults may tell you that it’s about stress, lots of food, and spending time with the ones we love. All of these answers are correct in their own minds but also so much more than those mentioned. The “holiday spirit” is peace, love, joy, sharing, and caring. 

Having this holiday spirit means spreading love, peace, and joy whenever we can. It means making memories with the ones we love and honoring loved ones we have lost. It means helping others less fortunate or accepting help when it’s offered to us. Many seem to only think about this spirit should be shown during the holidays. I believe this spirit should be shared year-round. Everyone needs love, peace, and joy. Let’s make this upcoming year the year where we make every day full of holiday spirit.

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