A New Battle

T​hose who know me, know that I have been struggling with health issues for over a year now. These health issues have cost me y career in home care and my finances. My family has been living off my meager savings since July 2021. Those savings are gone now. I don’t tell you this to gain pity but to show you that the struggle for people with serious health issues isn’t just medical. I have applied for disability and am working on getting all my paperwork complete the filing. To do that I have to get statements from all my doctors and their contact information for the disability committee to send for my records. I have been warned that going for my disability will be a battle, one I plan to share so others can see what steps need to be taken.

I​ saw my orthopedic doctor yesterday, 11/22/2022. After a year of testing and treating me for arthritis, he has stated that I cannot work anymore. Arthritis alone will not get me disability because as he said, “It is a part of life”. However, arthritis in conjunction with my diabetes, high blood pressure, polyclonal gammopathy, and possibly autoimmune are more likely to get it. I go back to a rheumatologist in December for further testing to determine the autoimmune.

I​ will update everyone as I navigate this new battle.

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