My Wellness Journey

I have been on my current weight loss journey for 52 days now. I decided to work trying to lose weight because of new health issues that emerged from being overweight. I was recently diagnosed with arthritis and am undergoing testing for autoimmune disease. I have struggled with being overweight most of my life. I have done the whole dieting yo-yo, starved myself, diet pills, all the usual tricks with little to no success. I was able to lose 12 pounds when we went on a family trip this past March simply by eating differently and being more active. Unfortunately, since returning home I have gained all that weight because being home means I’m not as active and I don’t have access to the same fresh foods that I had in North Carolina.

I’m not proud to admit my current weight is 225 pounds. My weight, according to the doctors, should be between 165-180 pounds. I don’t really care about the number because the true measure of health is how well you feel and your ability to move around without problems. So, once again I am working on my weight to improve my quality of life, for my and my children’s sake.

I am currently using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone to record everything I eat and drink. My Health app measures my steps and weight and is linked to MyFitnessPal. I am encouraged by my doctor to do weekly weigh-ins to keep the apps up to date. For those, I go to a relative’s house as I do not own a scale for personal reasons. I have made some small changes in my eating habits such as: incorporating more seafood, more vegetables, less sugar, and less snacking. I have begun eating at more regular times and including water with my meals. This helps me to feel fuller because the water takes up more space than the food does. I am slightly more active these days as I have recently started physical therapy(twice a week) for my knee. I am also trying to take more walks with my kids. We may be starting on the local walking trails next week.

Anyone who wishes to join me on this journey to become healthier may contact me at or comment on this post.

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