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My name is Katina LaSalle. I am a creative fiction writer, home health aide, a Plexus ambassador, and alternative health and wellness, enthusiast. I also have experience with parenting, childcare, working with special needs, and mental health awareness and support. I enjoy reading and writing about alternative health and wellness, the supernatural, mental health, home health care, (anything health-related, to be honest), creative writing, and the spiritual world. I enjoy being in nature, spending time with my family, meditating, and being creative whenever I get the chance. If you have anything in the above-mentioned categories that you’d like to have written about then I’m the person for the job. I thoroughly research and write about my topics of interest so that I can do my best work for you. I offer writing blog posts, emails, ghostwriting services, and proofreading services. For more information email me at:

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